Mar. 16th, 2009

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Currently having fun reading Hilarious! My favourite is the note written in ketchup and mustard.

Gosh it's been a very busy few weeks. Two weekends ago I took Friday off, picked friend A up from the station and got on the road to Exeter to go to IVFDF. I'd advertised the journey on the IVFDF liftshare page so we picked up two students in Keele; Ian (Welsh and very gregarious) and Barbara (German and very quiet). They turned out to be good company as we ate up the miles in [ profile] scarfell's old Nissan. [ profile] scarfell stayed at home, due to having no annual leave left, a dodgy knee and I think perhaps a smidgen of dancing-fear. After a little detour around Birmingham, taken because I missed the turning off on to the M5 (how?!) we got back on track with enough time to make it to the first event of the weekend.

Dancing and Music, Chair Surfing and White Russians )

Last weekend was the St Andrews Highland Ball, which I've not been to in a very long time and dredged up a lot of old memories, some really good, others not so. Also, all of this sudden activity and exercise has made my body go WTF?! Still I don't hurt quite as much as I expected. I don't think I have to go anywhere for a couple of weeks, which is fabulous. I was a little too insular last year due to wedding prep and general apathy but it will be good to stay still for a little while.


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