Apr. 27th, 2007 05:39 pm
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Forgot to post this in the last entry. The guineas are notoriously difficult to photograph but I did get this one of Amber a couple of weeks ago when they went outside for the first time this year. She's begging for food through the bars of the run. The red thing is a piece of strawberry, which she then decided she didn't like.

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I finally finished the Winter Palace, where Amber and Fennel will reside until the weather is warm enough for them to go out in their run. I used a design from The grids and connectors were from Argos and the tray was made from a sheet of corrugated plastic, bought from a signmakers. The correx was horrible to cut and fold but is robust enough to withstand any chewing, I think.

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There have been a couple of scuffles since they were introduced to their new home and, unsurprisingly, badass Fennel has bagged the larger 'pigloo' and Amber has the smaller - which at least is a hot pink colour to compensate for the lack of living space. I am going to get some fleecy beds for them too and perhaps a cardboard tube for entertainment.

They thoroughly appreciate their new home. It's not in its final resting place, which will be off the ground on a table but I wanted to get them into it as soon as possible so they could get used to it. I keep it closed when I'm not around because I don't trust Menolly not to eat them.

What's so good about this cage is that you can view so much more of their everyday behaviour - honestly, it's better than watching TV, especially when they get all PMS-y with each other and snatch food and run away with it. Red pepper is to a grumpy guinea pig what chocolate is to a grumpy me it seems.

Looking forward to trying skiing for the almost-first time at the weekend in Leeds. I don't expect to be a natural. Also, there's the Warrington Oktoberfest this weekend too. Busy, busy, busy...


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