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I don't really have time for complicated endeavours but I've tried my hand pickles and chutney this year.

There's a blog I particularly like called The Cottage Smallholder. The woman behind the blog is trying to be as self-sufficient as possible. That's never going to be possible for me but she does have some cracking recipes on there. The picked cucumbers in particular are wonderful - Mr Halva keeps telling me not to give any more away.

I also made green tomato chutney, which was gorgeous. It's got chilli and lemon in it and tastes sort of like some of the pickles you get in Indian restaurants with the poppadums.

Last week my mum and I made marmalade. It was fun, if a bit time consuming. It came out a bit overdone but I like old-fashioned dark, concentrated marmalade so I'm happy with it.

We have a whole load of plums in the freezer. There's a plum tree locally that always groans with fruit and no one picks it. I cannot believe that the owners of the house let them go to waste every year. So, last year we went and asked them if we could pick some (I have no shame!). Now I have them, I have no clue what to do with all these plums. I am thinking plum brandy and maybe some jam. I suppose they would go well with apples in crumbles, although I need not to be making too many of those if I'm going to shed that extra stone.

I like playing at making stuff. I wish I had more time to do so though.
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