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Currently having fun reading http://www.passiveaggressivenotes.com. Hilarious! My favourite is the note written in ketchup and mustard.

Gosh it's been a very busy few weeks. Two weekends ago I took Friday off, picked friend A up from the station and got on the road to Exeter to go to IVFDF. I'd advertised the journey on the IVFDF liftshare page so we picked up two students in Keele; Ian (Welsh and very gregarious) and Barbara (German and very quiet). They turned out to be good company as we ate up the miles in [livejournal.com profile] scarfell's old Nissan. [livejournal.com profile] scarfell stayed at home, due to having no annual leave left, a dodgy knee and I think perhaps a smidgen of dancing-fear. After a little detour around Birmingham, taken because I missed the turning off on to the M5 (how?!) we got back on track with enough time to make it to the first event of the weekend.

Exeter IVFDFs are always good fun, as everything is held on campus and it's easy to get cheap nice food. We met up with various others and ate. Unlike my first IVFDF at Exeter 10 years previously when we all travelled together to IVFDF, we'd all come from different parts of the country. The Scottish contingent had come down by coach, others had driven in ones and twos. Points went to Aberdeen, who had driven to Prestwich, flown to Bournemouth and then hired a coach. I miss the companionship of the journey. After a nice big glass of wine, I began to feel a little more human and ready to face the weekend. We unloaded our backpacks, bagged a sleeping area and then headed to the Kate Rusby concert. I've not seen her live before and she didn't disappoint - a gorgeously warm voice and quite a gentle way of bantering with the audience. Her guitarist (?) entertained us by telling us a good way to cook carrots. I'm told he gives the audience a different recipe at each gig.

After the concert we wandered around the ceilidh but mainly sat around and caught up before heading to our beds. It was at this point that I realised that somehow I'd left one leg of my canvas campbed somewhere, probably at home. My days of sleeping on the floor are long over and I panicked briefly before shoring it up with my backpack. Job done. Completely randomly I ran into [livejournal.com profile] kerroan. It was a typical OMG moment. We both caught each other out of the corner of our eyes. Turned, did a double take and then yelled. It's my fault he has the IVFDF bug, having instigated it back in 2000 in Cambridge. I was introduced to his friends and wife. Wisely, they'd booked into a hotel.

Saturday morning arrived a bit too soon. People started stirring at stupid o clock to beat the queue for the showers. They failed - there were only two. I hid in my sleeping bag and resisted the inevitable until we finally had to clear the room to be ready for workshops. I went to a singing workshop first to wake me up and then went on to Appalachian, which was cheating a bit because I danced on an Appalachian side for a few years but it was fun to reminisce. Then a few of us decided to go to the Bollywood workshop for a laugh and I think it was my best workshop of the weekend. We were split into men and women and were taught a dance to perform with a conversation going on between the men and the women. Apparently we were breaking their hearts. Some of the men were so enthusiastic that they asked if we could do one final performance when the workshop ended.

Then it was lunch and the display ceilidh. Exeter's Appalachian group "Firestone" were excellent as usual. Every time I see them I toy with the idea of moving to Exeter just so I can join the side. We stuck around for a performance by the Demon Barber Roadshow - a mixture of music, singing and performances by their amazing clog dancers and rapper side. Wow. During the evening we had the choice of the Scottish Dance, English Ceilidh or Contra dance, all being held in different rooms. We had planned to spend time in all three but ended up staying mostly in the Scottish dance. When the dance was over we cracked open some bubbly and then some wine and set the world to rights. One of the Edinburgh people had come prepared with three bottles of vodka, three bottles of kahlua and eight pints of milk. White Russians ensued, followed by some very silly surfing on some chairs with wheels.

At around about 3.30am, I decided to shower and head for my three legged camp bed and sleep. The more hardcore people stayed up. I'm told that the chair surfers were eventually told to stop it by someone more sensisble who didn't want to accompany them to A&E.

Sunday saw me nursing a hangover from lack of sleep and my bubbly, wine and White Russian combo. But I gamely went to Salsa, followed by Step Clog, which made my fuzzy brain hurt a lot but I was quite proud of myself for managing it. All too soon it was time for the survivors ceilidh and we had to make our goodbyes for the trek up North. Next year is Durham. I'm already looking forward to it.

Last weekend was the St Andrews Highland Ball, which I've not been to in a very long time and dredged up a lot of old memories, some really good, others not so. Also, all of this sudden activity and exercise has made my body go WTF?! Still I don't hurt quite as much as I expected. I don't think I have to go anywhere for a couple of weeks, which is fabulous. I was a little too insular last year due to wedding prep and general apathy but it will be good to stay still for a little while.


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